18855172_sLarisa Villar Hauser translates from German, Spanish and French into English. She has over fifteen years’ experience translating for media, marketing and service industries on a wide range of creative and other projects, applying a sensitivity to language that comes from being raised tri-lingual.

Translating for media and marketing is about more than conveying basic meaning – it is about getting across intention and tone. A director’s statement for a historical drama requires a different pitch than that used in a crime series script, which in turn uses completely different language than that of a funding application. There are also subtleties of word choice and idiom. What is best: Planet Sparrow or Sparrow Planet?  Would an English-speaking family sitting down to dinner say ‘Bon appetit’, ‘Enjoy’ or ‘Dig in’? The answers to these questions are determined by context and intention. The success of a top-quality translation depends on skilfully making the right choices.

Larisa regularly translates for the creative industries – both texts used internally for project development, and those aimed at external audiences. Some of the documents Larisa works on regularly are:

  • treatments
  • pitches
  • synopses
  • scripts
  • marketing materials
  • dialogue books
  • narrator texts
  • distribution concepts
  • film funding applications
  • directors’ and producers’ statements
  • book reports for foreign rights book acquisitions
  • PLDL creation

Larisa has done a wide range of translations in education, HR  and marketing.

If you are looking for a translation outside the source languages of German, Spanish and French, Larisa benefits from a wide network of fellow translators and is happy to recommend the right professional for your needs.

To discuss your project please get in touch.